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I4image are part of the "Golden Birdies Design Group". A team of professional designers, illustrators, coders and animators out sourcing parts of the job to specialised workers to create a balanced site. The clients input throughout the creative process is important to us, and work in progress is available to view via our server. We are here to help explain in plain English what is needed for a web site that "works". Due to the slow download time of the web, at present, a compromise in how we build the site is required in order to make it user friendly. The best sites are built on a foundation of good clean design, small file sizes and concise content. All aspects of web design are available, please make contact and we can discuss the best solution for you and your project.

I recomend that if you are unclear about the internet or what a web site can do for you that the site is designed and paid for in stages. A web site is generaly being updated at regular intervals, and in need of marketing. If the "copy", text, for the site is supplied the cost of a site using the below samples start at £150.

Below you will find a few low resolution samples of site graphic design.

How would I benefit from having a website

Contact with your customers and associates Websites and email are the fastest medium for a company to exchange fresh information and communication with it's customers. Use as a shop front or catalogue Your website can act as another shop front or a quality interactive catalogue showing off your products to the best. This can be updated with the latest prices, offers and information. A much faster and cheaper method than traditionally printed brochures and advertising flyers.


Due to the web format your site can be accessed at a local, national and international level.

Hourly Rate

For the one outlay your website is always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extra Sales

Products and Services can be sold direct by credit card or by mail order, outside normal office hours. Customer Feedback A website with online forms or email can provide you with invaluable Customer information.

Being Competitive

A good website can project a very proffesional image to future customers and the chances are your competitors already have a website.

Staying With It

More and more people are using the Internet in their everyday lifes. Businesses from the very small one man band to the multi national corporates are benefiting from a web presence.

Cost effective

For all the advantages and possibilities a website is an extremely cost effective investment. This investment is broken down to the individual clients needs, and only expanded when and if necessary. A bespoke designed multi page site can start at £300.
Domain Name .co.uk £15 for 2 years

Hosting starts at £20 a year

Web site 5 to 9 pages, custom graphics and navigation, illustrative or photographic images, meta tagging, submission to major U.K search engines £300 to £600.

Animation and flash text start at £100

To add to an existing page £10 to £15

To add a new section and navigation £30 to £40

Give your current site, logo and graphics a face lift and acquire a more professional finish start at £100

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Links to sites i4image have built the graphics and design