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All the images are painted in the water colour medium or digitaly manipulated photography by Graham Andrew. Some of the originals are available for sale or as limited edition prints. I am also available to produce commissioned artwork.

As greeting cards the illustrations are printed onto A5 320gsm scored matt white card, £1.50

As acrylic fridge magnets 77mm x 52mm, £1.20

Any of the illustrations on this site can be used as part of the design to create personalised greeting cards, christmas cards, business stationery and fridge magnets.

All images in the galleries are at very low resolution, the actual prints are very detailed and of a high quality. Link to high resolution samples.

  F8 iris

  F18 poppy

 F17 sunflower one

  F19 daisy butterfly

  F25 speedwell blue

 F21 clemitis

  F11 dahlia pattern

  F27 daisy graphic

 F24 flower graphic

 D8 iris kingfisher

 C29 blue bell wood

 F31 door

  F2 dafadils

  F22 dahlia orange

 W12 tree

 4WC3 sunflower 4

 F26 sunflowes

 F15 sunflower smile

 F16 pansy

 F32 roses 4 group